billie clare roberts | derbyshire counsellor

Billie Clare is a BACP (snr) accredited counsellor. She has been counselling for over 30 years

Helping my clients find their seed of life…

At the age of 10 I watched sitting with my parents - an iconic BBC documentary on homelessness called Cathy Come Home. I was shocked to see that fathers were housed in different hostels, separated from their wives and children. This led to the irretrievable breakdown of the family and marriage. I thought this should never happen. I told myself “when I grow up I would make a difference.”

This documentary spoke to the seed of my being and woke it up. My parents through their compassion and responsibility to, and for others, provided the fertile ground for the seed to grow.

During my teens I thought I would end up managing a large charity, however due to my difficulties with exams, followed by other personal circumstances, this wasn't the direction I took.

I now know that one person can make a difference. My way of being on this earth is to offer other people the ways and means to find their seed. To nourish it. To enable them to become aware of the blockages which stand in their way. In this process we can open pathways around or through the blockages.