counselling for adults in Derbyshire

Health and wellbeing for all generations

counsellor for derbyshire

I provide mindfulness, guided meditiations and visualisations, flower essences, stress and anxiety reduction techniques and emotional freedom technique (EFT).

Young People

If you are concerned for your children who may be displaying anxious tendencies withdrawing or they can not find the words or understand of their feelings and resort to anger. Then talk with me to explore the best way I can assist you all.


We face large Transitions, Relationship beginnings, break ups, deaths, Care of aging Parents.

Living through aging, Perhaps you have heard about the sudden death of a friend and you realise that you have built a career and identity around being young capable and vigorous, you have bumped up against your own fixed ideas of self.

You are wondering whether to take redundancy or have retired thinking about what life can be lived without work?

Wondering how to live more than just survive in your long marriage after work has come to an end? I can offer a safe trusting space to take out of your head and heart those thoughts, reflect on challenges and opportunities leading to more flexibility and change.