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Supervision for counsellors & psychotherapists

counsellor for derbyshire

Whether you are a counsellor or psychotherapist, please call me to explore if I can help with your supervision requirements. I can provide individual and group Supervision.

Professional qualifications

Diploma studied over two years in Clinical Supervision, attained from the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute, Nottingham.

Established in the late 1980’s, the Sherwood Institute is a non-profit making educational organisation that specialises in training counsellors and psychotherapists to the highest levels of professional and academic attainment.


I have been a psychotherapist/counsellor supervisor for over 20 years. I currently provide supervision for two groups of experienced therapists and trainees, practicing different approaches such as Person Centred, Integrative and Psychodynamic.

Previously, I provided group supervision for a number of trainee counsellors. The counsellors were on placement in a Women Centre and also in a centre that supports women who have experienced sexual abuse.

For two years I provided individual supervision for a youth counselling organisation. The organisation included six trainee and two experienced counsellors. The counsellors were based in the main centre and in a number of local schools.

I also offer supervision to individuals who counsel adults and children. I have worked with children and young people for nearly 40 years and bring this experience to supervising therapists who work with this age group.


I work with women who have been traumatised and abused, and a significant proportion have experienced ongoing abuse and torture over a number of years. I need to be emotionally present and available for these clients, and it’s not always easy!

My supervision with Billie provides a bedrock of safety for me. I walk into her room and “unload”. I use the analogy of a fire – the energy and passion I need to be able to carry out my work is like a fire burning in hearth, sometimes you need to let the energy die down, clear the ashes out, put some fresh fuel in and relight it. This is exactly how my supervision sessions with Billie work. I get an opportunity to be still and calm with my client’s, expose and clear all my doubts, worries and confusions, replenish ideas and perspectives and leave feeling invigorated and enthused for my work.

Billie has a breadth of working which I really appreciate, being able to be pragmatic when organisational and protection issues require it, right the way through to being open to the creative and transpersonal aspects of therapy. Billie supports my practice across this range by giving me clarity and direction when required and a mutual exploration of my client work at others. I am never judged and always encouraged by her.

Experienced psychotherapist currently under supervision with Billie Clare


£50 per hourly session.

My supervision work is informed by the work of Michael Carroll, Robin Shohet, Bridget Proctor and Francesca Inskipp.