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I have been a patient of Billie Roberts' twice over a period of almost 6 years. I am now aged 73. I initially visited Billie on the recommendation of a friend and following a discussion with my GP. My reason was, mainly, difficulty in making the adjustment following a violent burglary in our then home during which I was attacked.

After fairly intensive counselling from Billie there was a marked improvement in my ability to cope which lasted for several years. My wife, who had witnessed the attack, noticed the difference in my mental well being quickly.

Latterly I became anxious again, for reasons which I cannot explain. I contacted Billie directly and again I visited her over a period of time. As before, the counselling brought about improvement, which I am confident will be long lasting.

I have found Billie sensitive and caring, .but, more importantly utterly professional. She put 'the ball in my court' for cure and so that is the reason that I now have the confidence and ability to cope. I can recommend her unreservedly.

Name withheld

Billie worked with my 9 year old son who was having issues with anxiety. He took to Billie instantly and her calm manner encouraged him to open up and face his issues.

Using a variety of methods she helped him to build up his confidence again and gave him strategies to cope. She is evidently able to make children feel at ease as my son was always happy to see Billie and left the each session feeling much better.

Mother talking about her 9 year old son

I found Billie online and I am really grateful she entered my life this way.

I never had counselling before and I was really skeptical on how it would work especially since English is not my native language. But it did! Billie is very understanding, sweet and easy going. I didn't`t even know that I had so many things to share! And now here I am! Able to accept rights and wrongs without crying, more confident, with more clarity and strong enough to support choices, ideas, decisions and eventually the life I lead!

A big thank you Billie for all your help and support!

Female client in her late 20's

You’ve got me to think about things about myself. I feel like a weight has been lifted from me.

Male client in his 30’s

I’m so excited that I can now decide for myself to go travelling. I feel genuinely happy, smiling, not the divorced separated smile with head on side smiling (falsely) saying I’m ok.

Female client in her late 20’s

Billie was fantastic. She made the sessions fun as well as functional and professional.

Female client from a Employment Assisted Programme (E.A.P)

Thank you for holding my hand on this rough part of my journey. Your validation of my feelings throughout has made the transition smooth.

Female client in her 20’s

Thank you. I am feeling a lot better…my sessions with you were very helpful and have given me the confidence to address the problems that I have had to face. I didn’t think I would find it easy talking about my problems but you made me feel at ease. I can let myself be me and not feel guilty about it and do not feel obliged to please everybody. Thank you for all your help and support, I am sure I will be ok now.

40 year old female client from a Employment Assisted Programme (E.A.P)

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